Femspectives is a film series and festival in Glasgow. It provides a platform for feminist storytelling and safe spaces for conversations about feminisms, social issues, and politics. To find out more, check out our Mission Statement, our Equalities & Diversity Policy and our Safe Space Policy.

Find out about our regular events here.

Femspectives 1: 22-24 March 2019, Kinning Park Complex. Click here for the full programme!

Femspectives 2: 20-23 February 2020, Civic House. Click here for the full programme!

Femspectives 3: 23-25 April 2021, Online Festival Weekender. The full programme will be available from 6 April.

2021 Festival Team

Festival Co-Producers: Lauren Clarke, Kathi Kamleitner

Festival Assistant: Wacera Kamonji

Guest Curators: Ane Lopez, Tanatsei Gambura

Advisory Board

Raisah Ahmed: Glasgow-based writer and filmmaker
Dr Lizelle Bisschoff: Senior Lecturer in Film and Television Studies, University of Glasgow; Co-Founder of Africa in Motion Film Festival.
Sanne Jehoul: Co-Director of Glasgow Short Film Festival, Co-Producer and Programmer of Document Human Rights Film Festival

All festival photos by Ingrid Mur.

Femspectives logo & graphic design by Jen Devonshire.