Festival Info

Femspectives 2020 will take place at Civic House from 20-23 February 2020.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

For more information about access at Femspectives (at the venue and at the screenings), visit our Accessibility page.

Tickets are sold on a sliding scale from £0-£8 (in £2 increments) and are available online and at the door, subject to availability.

For more information about the sliding scale ticket system and group tickets, visit our Ticket Info page.

We have a Travel Fund available – find out more here.

Our Festival Programme

Find detailed event information in our Events section.

An overview of content warnings can be found here.

Travel + Translation Fund

We are happy to provide translations for individuals and groups who are not confident to converse entirely in English. If you’d like to have a translator present or receive translated programme notes, please contact us via email with your language requirements and which events you would like to attend at access@femspectives.com.