Safe Space Policy

Femspectives wants to attract and include a diverse range of audiences and ensure that the festival is a safe space for a variety of demographics to attend and participate.

Femspectives recognises the need for safe spaces for womxn and people with marginalised gender identities to discuss or challenge feminist viewpoints, to ask questions without judgement and to share experiences with a like-minded community. In order to keep the spaces Femspectives creates supportive safe spaces that foster conversation and exchange of opinions, ideas and questions, we have to have rules. We ask participants to read this document, which is aligned with Femspectives’ mission statement, and if you agree with everything then this is a space for you.

Femspectives events are a space for those who may:

  • Acknowledge the multiplicity and variety of feminisms.
  • Identify as womxn, men or with a marginalised gender identity.
  • Share an interest in films directed by womxn and people with marginalised gender identities.
  • Wish to participate in discussions in small or big groups.
  • Are interested in acknowledging and discussing privileges and barriers.

We welcome all who are understanding and supportive of these issues and would like to help create a safe and welcoming environment for those who need it. If you are unsure whether this space is for you, then please get in touch for a chat beforehand.

We ask attendees to be respectful of other people’s feelings and will not accept behaviour or language that is discriminatory, intimidating or derogatory in any way. Something you may find funny, or a joke, others may find deeply upsetting, so we ask attendees to be mindful of their actions, and not to discuss topics that may cause offence, be triggering or cause emotional harm. We value the opportunity to ask questions without judgement, but we also value the safety of our attendees.

We ask attendees to be respectful of other people’s contributions to the events and be self aware and mindful of other people’s personal space.

We are fully accepting of trans and non-binary people.

We welcome people who identify as male to our events, however, Femspectives may also host events exclusively for womxn and people with marginalised gender identities. There are many reasons that ‘Non-male’ safe spaces need to exist, and are crucial for people who may have experienced sexual assault, are in toxic or abusive relationships or may experience daily abuse and oppression because of their gender. It’s not to say that men don’t need safe spaces; we’re sure many of them do for a range of reasons. But as an organisation who aims to support and empower womxn, some of our events may be particularly aimed at those who do not identify as male.

Any complaints about behaviour within the space will be taken seriously. Femspectives will investigate, and take any necessary measures to deal with complaints of discrimination or breaches of its Equalities & Diversity Policy and its Safe Space Policy. Any complaints will be brought up with the party involved and dealt with appropriately, and people who make such complaints will not be victimised. We reserve the right to exclude anyone who does not respect the rules of the space, or who’s behaviour does not fit in with our ethos. 

Also see our Equality & Diversity Policy.